Previous Programmes

We thought is may be interesting to have copies of programmes from previous years. Click on the photograph for the year to get a pdf of the brochure – note this page is still under construction. We are missing copies of programmes for a few previous years. If you could scan them or let us borrow a copy that would be great.


brochure 20232023: Paula Williams, Kate Ferrier, Markus Stitz, Alex Moran, Khedrupchen Rinpoche, Karen Darke MBE  
poster 20222022: Mick Tighe (with special guests Steve Gellatly, Margaret Scroggie, Denis Shepherd, Ian Sykes), Pauline Sanderson, Alan Rowan, Alan Hinks. (unfortunately, Helen Mort had to call off). 2020 and 2021: No festivals these years because of Covid
DMFF 2019 poster image2019: Nadir Khan, Calum MacLean, Doug Scott, Peter Cairns, Lee Craigie, Keith Partridge 20182018: Anke Addy, Erlend Clouston, Cameron McNeish, Uisdean Hawthorn, Jenny Tough, Benedict Allen
2017 poster2017: Speakers: Richard Else, Luke & Hazel Robertson, Ben Dolphin, Robbie Phillips, Mollie Hughes


20162016: Speakers: Jamie Andrew, Greg Boswell, Robin Campbell, Felicity Aston, Andy Kirkpatrick
20152015: Speakers/Actors: John Burns, John Porter, David Munro, Ran Randall, Leo Houlding 20142014: Speakers: Tim Cope, Martin Moran, Richard Else, Lyle Brotherton, Karen Darke
20132013: Speakers/Musicians: Hamish McInnes, Matilda Brown, Sandy Allan, Jim Crumley, Kenton Cool 20122012: Speakers: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Hamish Brown, Lukasz Warzecha, Julie Summers
20112011: Speakers: Mark Beaumont, Ian R Mitchell, Jonny Hawkins, Peter Habeler 20102010: Speakers: Anni Hogan, Robert Strachan, Cathy O’Dowd, Rich Mayfield, Catherine Destivelle
20092009: Speakers: Craig Mathieson, James Pearson. Cameron McNeish and Richard Else stepped in for Catherine Destivelle who was unable to attend at the last minute. 20082008: Speakers: Reinhold Messner, Tomaz Humar, Bernadette McDonald, Dave Macleod, Dave Whalley
20072007: Speakers: Andy Cave, Borge Ousland, Will Gadd, Marko Prezelj, Stephen Venables 20062006: Speakers: Keith Partridge, Ian R Mitchell and Jack Law, Chic Scott, John Dunn, Karen Darke


20042004: Speakers: John Beattie, Alexander Huber, David Templeman-Adams, Les Guthman
20032003 20022002: Speakers – Doug Scott, Iain R White, Mick Fowler, Jim Curran, Catherine Destivelle, David Newman, Johnny Dawes, Martin Moran, Simon Jenkins, Kurt Diemberger
2001 poster2001: Speakers – Gavin Bate, Scott Muir, Silvo Karo, Alan Rankin, Cathy O’Dowd, Pat & Baiba Morrow 2000
1999 1998
1997 1996
1995 1994
1993 1992

1992: Speakers: John Beatty, David Bellamy, Hamish MacInnes (film intros by Richard Else, Ron Fawcett)

19911991: Speakers: John Dunn, Jim Curran 1990

1990: Speaker – Chris Bonington


1989: Speakers: Paul Williams, Kurt Diemberger




1987: Charlie Burton


1985: No speakers, just films


1984: No speakers, just films







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