poster 2018The Dundee Mountain Film Festival is the UK’s longest continuous running mountain film festival. It showcases an international programme of speakers, as well as award winning films and exhibitions, mainly held in the Bonar Hall, Dundee. We also have a full supporting exhibition of art, photography, trade and voluntary organisations stands and displays.

This year’s festival will be held on 22 – 24 November 2018.

Thanks to Kelvin Trautman for allowing us to use his photograph of Jenny Tough running above Loch Ness for our brochure front page and poster,  and to Jenny Tough for arranging this.

banff logoWe know how you all love the Banff World Tour Intro, so here it is below. Note that there are about 40 films on tour and we are only showing 13, so there will be some scenes in this intro that are not representative of our film selection! When the film starts, click on the “Full Screen” button (bottom right) for the best effect.


Click on our Programme page for more information about the programme. Go to the Ticket page for information on how to buy tickets. You can read more about our festival in the “About” page


Films from the Past

Missed some films in 2017? You can watch some of them here. There are also other films which we have not shown that we think you may enjoy.

Programmes Archive

It is fascinating to look back over the old programmes to see how we have progressed from the formats of film, to video, to DVD and now digital. To reminisce over films and speakers from the past. To be amazed and amused at the old advertisements for equipment and shops.

See a list of previous programmes here




We invite potential sponsors to discuss participation in our exciting film festival. You can download a sponsorship pack here.

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