We invite potential sponsors to discuss participation in our exciting film festival.You can download a sponsorship pack here.

Main Sponsors (2020)

Tiso is Scotland’s number one outdoor clothing and equipment specialist shop, and has been a supporter of the Dundee Mountain Film Festival from the festival’s start. Whatever your adventure, visit Tiso for all your outdoor activity needs including camping, climbing, walking and many more. Tiso outdoor’s stocks a huge range of leading brands such as Berghaus, North Face, Icebreaker, Helly Hansen, Haglofs and many more. You’ll find lots of new outdoor gear and equipment in our online shop, and you’ll still get great offers in our outdoor clothing and equipment sale. If you’re thinking about getting away, why not visit our travel department , full of useful gear such as travel bags and rucksacks or if you’re planning to have a trip in a tent, have a look at our camping equipment section. You’ll find lots of handy tips and buying guides in our ask the expert section. Check out the biggest winter footwear range in Scotland. Buy snow boots and winter boots and footwear to keep you warm and dry this winter. Tiso is the best place to find outdoor clothing, outdoor gear, outdoor jackets, hill walking clothing, outdoor clothing gear, mountaineering and anything that you will need to get geared up for the outdoors.


The Scottish Mountaineering Trust was established by Trust Deed in 1962 by the Scottish Mountaineering Club. The primary object of the Trust, as stated in the Deed, is “to promote and secure the health, education and recreation of members of the public by fostering among them knowledge of the geography, topography, meteorology, biology and geology of and proper technique of movement within mountainous regions of Scotland or elsewhere and an appreciation of their beauty and by affording opportunities for enjoyment of these regions”


Presenting Sponsors (2020)


Blairgowrie and District Hillwalking ClubThe Blairgowrie and District Hillwalking Club consists of about fifty members. Most live within 15 miles of Blairgowrie although some come from as far as Fife and Edinburgh.

Our programme includes Sunday walks every three weeks as well as two weekends away each year with about 20-30 people regularly attending.

The membership covers a wide range of ages and abilities (and there is no correlation between the two!) and the variety of meet destinations and activities reflects this. Our meets  cover everything from low level glen walks to scrambling on the Munro ridges and snow gully climbing in winter.


Dundee Mountain Club: Whether it’s a day out hillwalking or ski touring, a weekend scrambling along remote mountain ridges, or an evening at the climbing wall or biking local forest trails, there’s always something going on in Dundee Mountain Club. See our what we do page and recent trip reports for more info.


The Grampian Club: The Grampian Club (Est. 1927) is a mountaineering, climbing and hillwalking club based in Dundee, Scotland.  It is one of the area’s largest climbing clubs with a membership of 230 and a long tradition of welcoming new members who share a love of the hills.



Slope Angel: Slope Angel was developed after news reports and discussions that followed the tragic avalanches that occurred in the 2016/17-winter season in the French Alps.

Research has shown that 70% of most avalanches, often with fatalities, occur on slopes greater than 30 and up to 50 degrees.  Slopes less than 30 degrees are less likely to avalanche. Other elements like snow conditions and temperature also have a major effect.

Having talked extensively with guides, instructors and rescue teams it became clear that the majority of skiers and mountaineers found it hard to estimate slope gradients.

After detailed research, we critically analysed different ways of measuring slope gradients – from the very basic technique of using ski poles to an expensive digital inclinometer.  A digital inclinometer proved to be the most reliable and accurate way to measure slope angle. There are phone apps available that will also do this, but placing your smart phone on the snow for an accurate reading is not practical as it can slip from your hand and a smart phone’s short battery life also becomes an issue.

Having agreed the need for a digital inclinometer with the added benefit of measuring air temperature we started developing Slope Angel V1 – a small, lightweight, battery operated digital inclinometer and temperature gauge housed in a strong thermo-plastic case with a battery life of 1 to 2 years before it needs to be replaced.

We also wanted an appropriate name for our device and wanted the name to be descriptive i.e. that it measures the slope angle! We played with a few ideas and changed angle to angel – and this is how Slope Angel the brand was born.

We wanted Slope Angel to be affordable for all and although it has been quite a challenge, we are launching Slope Angel V1 for £19 and have included laminated avalanche awareness cue cards that act as an aid memoire.

Slope Angel has been designed by us to help you make informed decisions and therefore keep you safer in the mountains. It measures slope angle and air temperature in a matter of seconds, weighs virtually nothing and easily fits in a pocket or to your wrist with a lanyard.


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