Saturday Afternoon

Bonar Hall. 2pm

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We start off the afternoon with six great films from the Banff World Tour. After the interval, we are thrilled to introduce the solo endurance traveller Jenny Tough.



Ice Call – Backyards Project – Sam Favret

2016, France, 3 minutes. Filmmaker – PVS Company

From the film Ice CallTry to keep up to freerider Sam Favret as he gives us a new perspective of the mythical Mer de Glace, at the heart of Mont-Blanc.





The Frozen Road

2017, UK, 24 minutes Filmmaker – Ben Page

From the film Frozen RoadBen Page sought an adventure of perfect solitude in the Canadian Arctic. Yet the harsh truths of travelling in such a formidable environment were a long way from the romanticisms of a Jack London book. Self filmed in brutal conditions, the film is a remarkable achievement in that it is Ben’s first attempt at making a film!.

This film was one of the top films in the Banff Mountain Festival’s “People’s Choice” award, and also merited a Special Jury Mention in the Banff Film Competition.



Where the Wild Things Play

2017, USA, 4 minutes. Filmmaker – Krystle Wright

From the film Where the wild things playThere’s an ongoing discussion of why there aren’t more females in the adventure industry; whether it’s in big mountain skiing, climbing, or whitewater kayaking. Well, it’s about time we found out Where the Wild Things Play!





2016, USA, 9 minutes. Filmmaker – Katie Stjernholm, Balcony Nine Media

From the film EdgesAt the ripe old age of 90, Yvonne Dowlen has been ice skating for as long as she can remember. Edges is a celebration of a life lived well.

This film was one of the top films in the Banff Mountain Festival’s “People’s Choice” award.



Dreamride 2

2017, USA, 6 minutes. Filmmaker – Mike Hopkins, Juicy Studios

From the film DreamRidePoetic, artistic and inspiring, ride along as we traverse volcanic fields, explore hidden lava caves, and race down rivers of ice.






2017, USA, 25 minutes. Filmmakers – Cedar Wright & Taylor Keating

From the film StumpedMaureen Beck has never let the fact that she is missing her lower left arm hold her back from climbing. She doesn’t want to be considered a good one-armed climber, or a good female climber…she just wants to be a plain good climber.

Warning! – There is some course language in this film.



There will be an interval for 30 minutes. Refreshments are available upstairs and downstairs in the foyers. Don’t miss the trade stands and voluntary organisations in the Ustinov Room (upstairs). There are also art exhibitions downstairs.

Jenny Tough – Go Find An Adventure

Jenny ToughJenny Tough has completed solo endurance challenges around the globe, and is here to share her stories and inspire you to go find your own adventure. She’ll be sharing tales of her recent world-first expeditions to run solo and unsupported across a mountain range on every continent, and DMFF will be the first audience to hear about her latest expedition in South America!




About Jenny in her own words.

Jenny on ridgeI am best described as an adventure traveller and endurance challenger. I have completed a range of expeditions and endurance challenges and races across six continents, and racked up plenty of great tales along the way. I now tell these tales to inspire others through film, writing, and public speaking. In 2016 I set myself a challenge to run, solo and unsupported, across a mountain range on every continent, a series of six world first expeditions. I am now a third of the way through, having run across Kyrgyzstan and Morocco so far. Find out more about me here.